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March 1,2012
SpeechZoom 1.4 Release
May 26,2009
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When you run SpeechZoom.exe you will see the following window:
If you have not registered the program, you will also see a window that displays the remaining number of free starts. To purchase a license click “Buy”. After purchasing a license, you will receive an email containing a registration code. Click on “Register” in the upper right corner and enter the registration code. On the left side you see the list of running programs, you can connect to SpeechZoom. When you click “Update” this list will be updated. Sometimes SpeechZoom can not determine that program works with sound and do not include it in this list. This can happen unless target program is still not identified their “willingness” to work with sound. In this case, you can click the “Update” after the program began to work with sound. For example, the program firefox might not be in the list until you open site or similar. It can also happen if SpeechZoom do not have enough rights to obtain information about a particular program. For example, the program Google Talk when runs from installer works with administrator rights, and ordinary user can not connect to administrative programs. You can run SpeechZoom as administrator to correct the situation. Place the cursor on the desired program and click “Connect”. After starting of the audio output you'll see a window like this:
It is recommended to connect to a program before it open a sound file, an ip-phone connection is established, or will open a web page with the browser. It is best to connect to the program immediately after its start. Once there was a connection to the program, you can manage and control the sound by using the buttons and switches that are shown in the following picture in a red frame.


The switch “Slow” shows how SpeechZoom slows sound playback: 1x-without slowing 2x- twice slowing and 3x-three times slower. You can operate this switch without any restrictions. When SpeechZoom performs slowing there is audio delay between the sound is coming at this moment and the sound you actually hear. This delay is graphically displayed on the “delay play” indicator. The SpeechZoom has limit on value of this delay. The maximum possible delay corresponds to the length of this indicator. When the maximum is reached delay is reset and the sound is lost.

If you use SpeechZoom with IP telephony software, you must click on the “Talk” to turn on the microphone. Attention! When you say you must to press and hold the “Talk” while you are talking. When the button “Talk” is pressed, the microphone is switched on but the voice of your partner is turned off. This is necessary so that your partner does not hear his slow speech. Also, the button “Speak” resets the delay in play. Next to the “talk” button is “wait”. This button, when pressed, clears the delay and turn off sound slowing. When you make an outgoing call, your must hold down this button until your partner hook on in order to prevent the delay.

During a IP-phone call, you can control the volume of non-delayed sound on the indicator “In. sound”. This indicator is marked by a red frame in the following picture. When this indicator shows the other person says, but his voice is not heard because it is delayed, briefly press the “talk” or “wait” to reset the delay in play. These buttons are used to reset the delay and when working with programs that do not use a microphone.

After SpeechZoom joined the program and began to control the sound, you can turn on sound recording, checking the box “Record” as shown in the following picture.


Note that if connected program change the playback options, then “Record” checkbox will be cleared. In this case, you must re-select this checkbox if you want to continue recording. Audio files saved in your desktop folder in files with names corresponding to the recording date. Sound is recorded without delay. You can change the path to save audio files by changing the path line what is left of the flag “Record”.

In some cases it is impossible to connect to the program before it starts playing the sound. In this case SpeechZoom will attempt to determine the parameters of the sound itself. An indication of this is yellow, not green, indicator in the status bar at the bottom, as shown in the following picture. The determination of the parameters takes a few seconds, after the indicator will turn green.

If SpeechZoom not sure in the correctness of determinated parameters, then you will be able to change the settings manually, as shown in the following picture.
Wrong manual setting of parameters may be the cause “fall” of the connected program.

When you are finished with SpeechZoom, it is highly recommended to restart the connected program to avoid improper of its operations. (c) 2019