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March 1,2012
SpeechZoom 1.4 Release
May 26,2009
GOWAY 1.0 Release



After running the file GOWAY.exe you will see the following window:

At the top of this window you can select the action to be executed the program.
At the bottom of the window you can set a date and time when the operation will be executed or to specify the delay time (in minutes), after that the operation will be done.
After these settings be completed, click "Start".
If you have not set the time of the action or a delay, you will see the question:

After the activation of the button "Start", you can click "Hide" to hide the program window.
If you'd like to see the program window run goway.exe again.

The Goway can send you a letter just before the execution of actions. To set the properties of mail go to "Mail." You will see the following window:

Set the "To", "Subject", "Message" fields.

Using MAPI to send messages.
If you will use MAPI to send messages, check "Use MAPI". If you're using a corporate configuration of Outlook, you will be asked to select a profile to send a message. This completed configuration of MAPI.

Using SMTP to send messages.
If you use SMTP protocol for sending messages, you must click on "Setting" Then you will see the following window:

Set SMTP server address, its port, and your return address. If sending a message requires authentication, set your user name and password.

Attention! After setting the mail properties, click "Testing email" to test the sending of the email messages.
After you configured and tested the properties of mail, check the box  "Send message before a action".